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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hai ouls... 'Why is DiGi’s iPhone 4S plans the most affordable'. 

DiGi's iPhone 4S plans most affordable because the price is the lowest subscrition fee with others benefit. To me DiGi give all of us chance to buy the iPhone 4S even if your sallary is small but you can also get this iPhone 4S using iDiGi 55 Plan... It is the lowest plan compared to Maxis and Celcom, okey before i explain futher about all iDiGi's plan let me show you what i got when i search to compare all iPhone 4S plan... 

* info taken from SOYACINCAU

Okey, as what you can see the diffrent of the price and the benefit are more with DiGi plans... What you can see iDiGi Plans is affordable to ou compared to others... And the free monthly uses also good n better then others.. Like no extra charges for Internet for excess uses overlimit. 20 free MMS for all network and 200 free SMS for all network.. So, this iDiGi's Plans is really suit and affordable for all of us...

p/s : to those who wanna join dis contest kindly CLICK HERE ....
p/s : Sorry if wrongly spelling or using words. Not to good in English... =)

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